November 13, 2013

New Jersey ranked fourth in the nation in the production of cultivated blueberries in 2012. Michigan was ranked first. The total value of the 2012 blueberry crop in New Jersey was $80.8 million, down 15 percent from the previous year. Harvested acres and yield were down respectively. Utilized production was down 17 percent from 2011 to 51.5 million pounds. Prices showed a 3 percent increase. The overall season average price was $1.57 per pound, up 4 cents from the previous year. The average fresh market price was $1.64 per pound, while the processing price was $1.21 per pound. The processing price per pound was 9 cents below the 2011 price level of $1.30 per pound.

The area harvested, at 7,500 acres, was down 200 acres from 2011. The state average yield was 6,870 pounds per acre, compared to 8,050 pounds in 2011 and 6,530 pounds per acre in 2010.

Atlantic and Burlington Counties accounted for 95 percent of the area harvested and 97 percent of New Jersey’s utilized production. The top blueberry producing county in New Jersey was Atlantic County, with 6,000 acres harvested and an average yield of 7,630 pounds per acre. Utilized production for Atlantic County was 45.8 million pounds. Burlington County producers harvested 1,100 acres with an average yield of 3,730 pounds per acre and utilized production of 4.1 million pounds.


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