Look Whos Reading the Gardener News 2

Look Who's Reading the Gardener News

Tom Silva Cindy Williams
Tom Silva
February 2007
Cindy Williams
September 2010
PBS Television Series
“This Old House”
“Shirley Feeney”
ABC Television Series
“Laverne & Shirley”
Bozo The Clown Mario Batali
Frank “Bozo” Avruch
October 2007
Mario Batali
February 2010
“Bozo The Clown” World-Renowned Celebrity Chef
Hal Linden Mark Goddard
Hal Linden
May 2011
Mark Goddard
October 2007
"Captain Barney Miller"
Situation Comedy TV Series
"Barney Miller"
“Major Don West”
CBS Television Series
“Lost in Space”
Walt Frazier Richard L. McCormick
Walt "Clyde" Frazier
March 2009
Richard L. McCormick
September 2009
Point Guard – New York Knicks 19th President Rutgers,
The State University of New Jersey
Douglas H. Fisher Sugar Hill Gang
Douglas H. Fisher
August 2009
Sugar Hill Gang
July 2007
New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Pioneering American
Funk & Rap Group
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