Look Whos Reading the Gardener News 5

Look Who's Reading the Gardener News

Rutgers Scarlet Knight Tom Castronova and Jim McGreevey
Rutgers Scarlet Knight
November 2006
Tom Castronovo, left,
Executive Editor/Publisher, Gardener News; and
James Edward “Jim” McGreevey,
New Jersey’s 52nd Governor
February 2004
Jack Captain Jack Aponte Josh Gracin
Jack “Captain Jack” Aponte
September 2010
Josh Gracin
April 2011
Country Music DJ Season 2 “American Idol”
Roger Swain Paul Sorvino
Roger Swain
March 2011
Paul Sorvino
August 2008
"The Man With The Red Suspenders"
PBS Television Series
"The Victory Garden"
Veteran Actor
Yankee Stadium Barbara Feldon
Yankee Stadium Barbara Feldon
November 2011
The Great Old Bronx Ballpark Agent 99
1960′s Television Sitcom "Get Smart"
Mary Pat Christie Richard Nieuwenhuis
Mary Pat Christie
July 2011
Richard Nieuwenhuis
August 2011
New Jersey’s First Lady
Mrs. Christie is married to
Chris Christie,
New Jersey’s 55th Governor
New Jersey Farm Bureau
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