July 10, 2015

Monrovia today announced the passing of its former CEO, Bruce Usrey.

For nearly fifty years Bruce guided the growth and expansion of Monrovia, the largest grower of premium container plants in the United States. After serving in the United States Air Force, he joined Monrovia in 1968 and managed plant production. From 1986 to 1998, he was chief operating officer, overseeing the company’s expansion of new growing locations in Dayton, Ore., and Visalia, Calif. In 1998 Bruce was named president and later, in 2002, chief executive officer. Under his leadership Monrovia saw another surge in growth with its merger with Wight and Berryhill Nurseries, adding three East Coast growing fields to Monrovia’s production.

In recent years, Bruce served as a managing director of the company, and was based in Dayton, Oregon. He served as president of ANLA’s grower division, the Wholesale Nursery Growers of America, in 1993. He and his wife Susie, and the Usrey family left a major legacy in the form of two endowed scholarships through the Horticultural Research Institute — the Usrey Family Scholarship, and the Bruce and Susie Usrey Scholarship. “Bruce was a true Horticultural Craftsman,” says Miles Rosedale, CEO of Monrovia. “He will be greatly missed.”

Bruce is survived by his wife, Susie, who has also worked for Monrovia for nearly 40 years.

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