June 12, 2015

Northeastern Region (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont): The Northeastern Region’s maple syrup production in 2015 totaled 2.96 million gallons, up 7 percent from 2014’s production of 2.78 million gallons. Vermont remained the top Maple State in the Northeastern Region and the Nation, producing 40.7 percent of the United States’ maple syrup. Taps in Northeastern Region totaled 10.23 million, up 4 percent from last year and accounted for 86 percent of the Nation’s maple taps.

The 2015 maple syrup season in the Northeastern Region was considered mostly favorable. Cold temperatures contributed to a shorter season of sap flow compared to last year. The earliest sap flow reported was January 1 in Vermont. The latest sap flow reported to open the season was March 18 in New Hampshire. On average, the season lasted 26 days, compared with 29 days in 2014. The number of taps was up in each of the states in the region, except for Maine which was unchanged from last year. The average season averaged four days shorter in the Northeastern Region than in 2014. The maple season lasted 4 weeks in average.

Northeastern Region 2014 PRICES AND SALES: The average equivalent price per gallon for maple syrup varies widely across the Region depending on the percentage sold retail, wholesale, or bulk. The 2014 all sales equivalent price per gallon in Connecticut averaged $70.90, down $0.10; Maine averaged $31.50, down $0.50; Massachusetts averaged $56.30, down $2.80; New Hampshire averaged $57.80, up $4.40; New York averaged $39.70, down $3.90; Pennsylvania averaged $35.10, down $0.50 and Vermont averaged $33.00, down $0.40. The high percentage of bulk sales in Vermont and Maine kept average prices below the other States.


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